Melissa and Casey ~ Auburn Wedding Photography

Melissa and Casey met on a rainy day up at the University of Reno, when Casey took advantage of an opportunity to compliment the lovely Melissa on her brilliant decision to bring an umbrella with her.  A conversation began, and two hearts quickly became one.

Some time later, Casey bought Melissa an umbrella while on vacation in Italy.  This umbrella was brought along during their engagement session back in March:


Though their favorite portrait from that session was this one (which was my favorite, too):


We witnessed the profession of their love and lifelong  commitment to one another in the covenant of marriage on July 21st. Despite it being a hot, cloudless day, they were presented with a new umbrella at the reception — one with their initials embroidered onto it — in commemoration of the way they first met.  (photograph made by my amazing second shooter, Elijah Meeker)


Melissa’s dress was simply elegant and I absolutely love the shoes she wore!  I think more brides should consider opting for such cute, comfortable fashion in their bridal footwear.  Each of the girls (all sisters) had matching bags, monogrammed with their initials.


I also love this trend of hanging the bride’s dress on a custom hanger, with her married name spelled out in cursive on a wire.  Here’s a closer look at the detail:


Melissa and Casey looked so classy together on their wedding day!


They really are terribly photogenic and made my job easy!


Other highlights of the reception were a slideshow played during the Father-Daughter Dance and a surprise transition to some funky dance moves by the Groom and his mother during the Mother-Son Dance.

Here is the story of their day, in slideshow form (please enjoy it in full screen!):

Melissa and Casey with Cadence


I loved being able to be a part of Melissa and Casey’s special day.   As the photographer, I get the great privilege of spending almost the entire day with the couple and I thoroughly treasure the memories of that experience.
Thank you, Melissa and Casey, for letting me be a part of your family for the day!
Looking for a Auburn-area wedding photographer?  Nathan Chilton Photography was Melissa and Casey’s choice for their wedding at the beautiful Auburn Valley Golf Club in the Auburn, California area.  If you are looking for a wedding photographer, you can reach Nathan Chilton Photography at or by calling 530-830-2005.