Kodak, Bankruptcy, and the Value of Photographs

Sad news came out today for Kodak, a company that is, or was, synonamous with photography.  Kodak didn’t invent photography, but they did make it accessible to the average person, through numerous inventions and their slogan: “you press the button, we do the rest”.  They have a timeline of their many contributions on their website, if you are curious.

There was a day when “Kodak Moment” was the phrase we all used to label a memorable scene.  Everyone knew the name Kodak.

But now, in this digital age, Kodak has slipped so far from its former glory that is has filed for bankruptcy.

This is hardly a shock to the photographic community, as Kodak was a titan of film, and film is becoming more and more a niche market.

In fact, it seems like almost everything these days is disposable.  Almost everything loses its value over time.  Even cameras which were considered to be amazing and cutting edge just a few years ago, are now considered outdated relics.  Computers and computer software become obsolete within just a couple of years.

But, photographs are different.  Technology loses its value, but photographs preserve precious moments and memories within their frame.  A photograph of a child becomes more valuable to us as that child grows up (far too quickly) and a photograph of a loved one becomes especially priceless once that person has gone to be with the Lord and we are left only memories.


I recently rewatched a commercial made by Kodak a number of years ago.  It reminds us of the value of a photograph and it makes me tear up every time.  Whether or not Kodak survives, the photographs made using their innovations (and the memories they protect) live on…

Kodak Gallery Commercial (Live Forever)