Jessica Noelle and Garrett

I first met Jessica Noelle when she was a freshman in my wife’s drama class.

She was delightfully energetic with a contagious smile:


I first discovered the joy of window light during cleanup after one of the plays when I was able to capture this quick portrait of her:




A couple of years later I had the honor of making her senior portraits.  Her session was one of my all-time favorites.


So, I was absolutely delighted to be asked to photograph her wedding to Garrett!

They were married on July 10th, 2015 at the Auburn Valley Golf Club in Auburn, California.



The weather was absolutely beautiful on that Friday in July.  We had expected it to be over 100 degrees, as is typical for this area in the Summer, but we had a glorious day in the 80s.


The First Look!



The reception was beautiful!  Everything was bright, flowery, and fun!


KonradWeddingSlideshow7 KonradWeddingSlideshow8

Jessica Noelle and Garrett’s Wedding Day Slideshow:
(I recommend viewing in full screen at 720p)


If you’re reading this, please take a moment to pray that God blesses their marriage and gives them a long and happy life together!
By His grace,
Nathan Chilton Photography