Kristen and Bryan

Bryan and Kristen’s love of flying brought them together,
and their love for one another joined their hearts in eternal flight.

Bryan was Kristen’s instructor, so he endeavored to keep their relationship professional.  However, as the hours they spent together grew, so did their feelings.  Eventually, Bryan and Kristen both came to understand that their hearts were a perfect fit — though, as is often the case, Kristen figured this out first!

They were married on April 11, 2015 at the Aerospace Museum of California in Sacramento — a fitting location for two pilots — surrounded by their closest friends, family, and a number of historically significant aircraft.


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It was a beautiful day and a particularly fun experience for myself as a photographer.  My second shooter at this event was the talented and lovely Rochelle Wilhelms (who has actually spent time working as a flight attendant!).

To see more of the story of their day, enjoy this slideshow in full screen:

Kristen and Bryan