Arts Camp 2012

Each year, Oak Hills Church (in Folsom, California) puts on an “Arts Camp”.  Instead of the typical “Vacation Bible School”, Arts Camp focuses on praising God and having fun while engaged in artistic expression and exploration. Children are enrolled in one of the many different “tracks” that are available, such as “Visual Arts”, “Creative Craftsmanship”, Music, Drama, Dance, or Culinary. Hundreds of children are painting, working with clay and ceramics, decorating with frosting, dancing, learning improv, silkscreening, and a variety of other artistic crafts.

In addition to their chosen track, the children are also exposed to some of the other tracks that are available for their age group. For instance, if a 5th or 6th grader chooses to enroll in the photography track, he or she may end up also spending a little time throughout the week painting, woodworking, cooking, playing guitar, or in a musical theatre class.

It is always an amazing time!  For the past few years, I have been the “Camp Photographer” and lead a team (which this year was just my wife and I) which documents the five day event.  Since we aren’t tied to any particular track, we get to move from class to class, and interact with essentially everyone there.  We love kids, so this week is a real highlight of our year!

Here is a slideshow to give you a taste of the fun from this year’s Arts Camp (which took place last week):
(The slideshow is best viewed at 720p in fullscreen!) 

By His grace,
–Nathan Chilton