Post-EscalateLIVE fun in Newport Beach

What happens when around a dozen photographers hit the beach, after spending two days at a photography conference?

Well, one of us (Leila Jones) asked a woman if we could photograph her toddler, and then we started photographing her other little girl, then another woman gave us permission to photograph her daughter, too… and then a young man who was jogging by got recruited as a model for us.

You can imagine that people start to notice when a whole bunch of photographers with big cameras and big lenses are all focused on one person. A young lady, who was a complete stranger to our handsome model, offered to pose with him. Then more people start to notice and, the next thing we know, a whole group of teens on their senior trip are posing for us. This was a little slice of heaven for us as photographers.

As you can see, even our “models” had a great time!