Aubrie and Trevor – Apple Hill Wedding Photographer

It was such an honor to get to photograph Aubrie’s wedding. I’ve known her since she was a little girl who would greet me at a run and wrap her little arms around my legs. She’s all grown up now, and what a lovely lady she has become…

Trevor and Aubrie are so very much in love — it was very evident on their day and it is an energy that can be felt by anyone nearby. Congratulations to Aubrie and to her new husband Trevor. May God bless you and may your love continue to grow.


AubrieAndTrevorWedding-022 AubrieAndTrevorWedding-023

AubrieAndTrevorWedding-030 AubrieAndTrevorWedding-024

AubrieAndTrevorWedding-035 AubrieAndTrevorWedding-036 AubrieAndTrevorWedding-044 AubrieAndTrevorWedding-065

AubrieAndTrevorWedding-086 AubrieAndTrevorWedding-088 AubrieAndTrevorWedding-092 AubrieAndTrevorWedding-108

AubrieAndTrevorWedding-130 AubrieAndTrevorWedding-146

AubrieAndTrevorWedding-147 AubrieAndTrevorWedding-158

AubrieAndTrevorWedding-180 AubrieAndTrevorWedding-182

AubrieAndTrevorWedding-213 AubrieAndTrevorWedding-222 AubrieAndTrevorWedding-227